Manage multiple social media accounts with one gmail address

Managing social media accounts for your personal use, your band or writing business plus your latest project can prove a bit overwhelming, especially since most social media sites only allow you to use an email address once.

Instead of creating new email accounts for every single project you need social media for, use ONE gmail account to manage everything by employing the clever use of flags periods.

Add a dot or period anywhere within a gmail address to make the social media accounts view it as a brand new email address. For instance, if your band uses for its twitter account, set up a new twitter account as Voila, two accounts with the same basic email address. Just remember where you’ve added the dots, or send an email to yourself so you can remember which accounts had which dot placements. While you’re at it, email yourself the password as well.

Don’t Give Up on Yourself. Ever.

Making music and being a writer — or any type of creator, really — have a lot in common. Others may believe in your vision, but they may not, but that doesn’t matter.

Stick with what you believe is true for your work — a specific sound, a vision you have for your band, or a certain writing style that seems perfect for your next novel or short story. Sure, maybe big publishers and record labels don’t get it, but your belief in yourself shines through. Sooner or later, someone will get what it’s about and will appreciate that you didn’t conform to what someone else thought would be more commercial.

At the end of the day, you are the one that has to believe in yourself. If you don’t, it will show in your work. If you do, it will show in your work. It’s that unwritten and unmentioned “secret ingredient” that brilliance is made of.

No one ever broke new ground by doing what some company thought would be more commercial. Just do what your heart knows is best for you at this time and sooner or later — or more like sooner AND later — you’ll benefit greatly from sticking to your truth.

Landing Great Writing or Band Gigs: It’s All About You

Being a freelancer writer and an independent artist are incredibly similar. In either case, a good deal of your success depends upon you. Besides the obvious — honing your skills as much as possible — you probably won’t get any work unless you go out and find it (unless you use an agent, which is another topic entirely).

Yes, I know, trying to land writing or live-music gigs is the least fun part of the work. You’re creative and want to focus on creativity. Vous etes un artiste. I get it. I’ve been both muso and writer and I dread the sales pitch aspect too.

So how do you land those great gigs? Just ask. Just go for it. If you play music, go out and scope out the good live music spots in your area. You’ll know whether your style is a better fit for the indie cafe or the grungy dive bar in the sketchy part oftown. Aslto talk to the manager sometime when things aren’t busy, or ask a staffer which person books the music. Visit the right person during the afternoon, when the place is not busy, for a good chance for conversation. Drop them a business card with your website or soundcloud info on it — after all, they’ll want to hear you before booking you, if they aren’t already familiar with your music. Write down a few dates when you’ll be playing nearby and invite them. * Do all your pitching in places you actually want to play first — don’t go for the country bar if you do spoken word atop EDM or beats.

If you write, find publications online that you’d like to write for (either print or digital media). I come across at least one per day on average as I’m researching articles for one of my clients. Find the careers or submissions page, or send a note to a general inquiries email address.

Pitch those gigs on a regular basis. Set a goal for yourself to do three a week. or three a day if you are ambitious — whatever works for you. Eventually, you’ll get a callback, some interest and a few opportunities. It’s kind of like fishing: you may have to keep casting your line out to land a lunker, but sooner or later you will.

Once venues or publishers become more familiar, the gig search becomes far easier. My first two years in a bar band meant a lot of weekends that I wished we had gigs. By the third year, we were booked a year in advance, sometimes doing two shows per day. Writing works in much the same fashion. Just keep on keeping on, setting aside some time for self promotion, and the paid work will come.

Kickstart Your Income: 101 Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $100

Kickstart Your Income: 101 Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $100

By Paige Wright

Format: kindle

kickstart your income: 101 businesses you can start for less than $100Kickstart Your Income is a nice offering for the Kindle. It’s currently available for free to Amazon Prime members via the Kindle Select program. This book offers inspiration, ideas and guidance for creating your own income streams and businesses, all of which require little to no investment on your part. There is a bonus resources section in the back full of free tools and places online to earn cash and kickstart your own income stream. It’s an easy read and has something for virtually every skill and age level.




Flock Coalition presents All Star Status – Messiah B

Title: Flock Coalition presents All Star Status – Messiah B
(M.V.P/Island Defjam feat Dub P(F.A.M./Interscope))
Format: digital (download)

Messiah B hails from London, England. Dub P comes from Philly, PA. Both are the heads of their respective camps — MVP & FAM — as well as being prominent members of the Flock Coalition. Messiah B & Dub P pairing for this international banger is right on time & they flex their ALLSTAR STATUS on this hit right here!
Song link: here

A Treasure Map to Health and Healing by Linda Ybarra, Ph.D, N.D.

Book title: A Treasure Map to Health and Healing
Author: Linda Ybarra, Ph.D, N.D.

Format: Paperback

Synopsis:   Overwhelmed by constantly being told what you should or shouldn’t eat, drink, or do in order to be healthy? In A Treasure Map to Health and Healing, Linda Ybarra, certified Holistic Health Practitioner, N.D., Ph.D., makes health simple! By tweaking small parts of your daily routine, you can make major improvements to your health and wellness!

Simple changes, such as using holistic doctors, staying away from processed foods  and reading labels can keep your body working effectively and efficiently for a very long time. Did you know that certain everyday products, like deodorant, lotions and even toothpaste contain harmful, even deadly ingredients? Harmful chemicals are actually used to prolong and preserve shelf life, even though they are toxic and cancer-causing.

Ingredients like Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Ethylparaben can be dangerous, but you can learn how to easily avoid them.

This book will teach you to read product labels and eliminate these hazardous ingredients from entering your body. You’ll also learn how to eat the right foods for optimal wellness and even how to save money while helping the environment! In A Treasure Map to Health and Healing, you will learn simple steps to take in order to protect your and your family’s health!

Author’s website


Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn by Saira Viola

Title: Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn (poetry, lyrics)
Author: Saira Viola
Format: paperback and kindle

Synopsis: Fast Food and Gin on the Lawn showcases a new and pioneering literary technique which the author calls SONIC SCATTERSCRIPT. Think lyrical beat references to art, popular culture and street slang melded together to create a new language. The author writes: Most of my poetry and song lyrics have a soical or politcal groove and they are saturated with dark humour: think Hunter S. Thompson in slinky stilettos with some cherry whip ice cream. ” Most of the poems reveal the fragmented social landscape of our society, and some are a real celebration of life.

This book is getting rave reviews on amazon as well, check it out!

Green Pen Writers Conference August 17 through 19

Green Pen Writers Conference
August 17th – 19th (2012)

This year’s conference is titled “Back to Basics: Know the NEW rules before you break them.”
Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth MI – Bavarian Inn Lodge is a treasure in the heart of downtown Frankenmuth – Michigan’s #1 tourist attraction. Nestled on the banks of the beautiful Cass River, the Lodge is a world-class getaway, host to celebrities, presidents and diplomats.

Help fight illiteracy! Green Pen will donate a major percentage of the proceeds to grass roots literacy organizations in the Great Lakes area. This year the GCLC (Genesee County Literacy Coalition) will receive funding for their programs, equipment and education.

Over 30 classes, 60 sessions
Keynote speaker Mark Malatesta -
Award-winning Authors – Colleen Gleason, Mike Ball, Peg Herring, Steven Harper and more. Producers from television and screen. Editors, Publishers
Exhibit area for independent publishers, vendors and associations involved in the industry

class topics: story construction, tips tricks and how tos, proposals pitches and legal, marketing and tech; learn to get paid to write, get your book published, find an agent, turn your book into an ebook and more
network with other writers and pros.

Have an idea for a movie? Want to get a script written? Script pitches now being finalized

Friday VIP meet and greet dinner with famous frankenmuth Bavarian Inn Style Dinner.
Saturday and Sunday – classes, workshops, pitches

“Get the Ink Out” Contests sponsored by Dramatica Pro story development software.
Join our email list – drawing for Dramatica writing software
Drawing for All inclusive package for one on one help preparing manuscript, finding agent, finding publisher $3000 value from Mark Malatesta

Anthology writing contest
Drawing for free cover art
Drawing for free POD layout and ebook conversion
Drawing for all inclusive package for cover, pod layout and ebook conversion
Drawings throughout conference for gift cards and writing software, books and more
Facebook deals for t-shirts and more

General Registration 3 days –
now to July 17 – $200 (save $100)

after July 17 – $300

Single Day Registration:
Saturday – $90 until July 17th $120 after
Sunday – $90 until July 17th $120 after

Our goal for the conference is to provide discussion on several topics for new and experienced writers, sSuch as theory, the general building blocks of a story, and a look at different genres. We will include networking, meaningful coverage on current trends in the field of writing, editing, publishing and marketing for fiction and non-fiction vs. traditional methods, discuss the complex issues and myths surrounding breaking into the business, explore problems and opportunities that are associated with the digital age, including e-commerce and e-reading, along with digital publishing and print-on-demand, as well as exploring new ways to acquire writing jobs in the troubled US economy.

Another important goal is to raise funds to provide computers, transportation and education by donating a percentage of the profits to help The Genesee County Literacy Coalition — a grass roots non-profit association working to provide services and promote literacy. The efforts will launch our WPR (Writers Promoting Readers) initiative. Our goal is to donate funds each year to grass roots literacy organizations in the Great Lakes area.

This conference is being produced by COM Publishing in response to the hundreds of emails and submissions received from writers and creators in the Great Lakes area asking for guidance as well as the great need by the literacy coalition for computers, transportation funds and education.

The Green Pen Writers Conference will establish itself as an important forum for aspiring authors, scholars and industry professionals to gather and exchange ideas about one of the most powerful vessels for knowledge in the world; the written word. The Bavarian Inn Conference Center, lodge to presidents, diplomats and celebrities, as well as the beautiful town of Frankenmuth will inspire our attendees in their creative endeavors and have worked to provide the conference at an affordable price while meeting our goals for the literacy association.

The Island of Lote by Emily Kinney

Title: The Island of Lote
Author: Emily Kinney
format: Paperback

Synopsis:  Milo Hestler is a lonely, unusual, fourteen-year-old girl. She is constantly moving from home to home with her oblivious parents. The only friend she has is her conscience, whom she has named Bob. Her only comforts are cooking and listening to hip-hop.
When her family moves yet again, Milo is bullied mercilessly by her classmates. Such treatment prompts her to travel to Australia for summer camp. During the plane ride, Milo awakens to find the plane deserted and about to crash.
After parachuting into the ocean, she discovers she is near an island. Milo passes out, and upon waking, learns she was rescued by a boy named Simon, who is cute, but can’t speak English. Not able to understand him, she accidentally says yes when he asks her to marry him.
He leads her to a small town on the island, where they locate someone who can translate for them. Milo is outraged to hear that she is engaged to Simon and wants to call it off, but learns that this island has rules that cannot be broken. She must go through with the marriage against her will.
After learning about the trick he played on her, Milo hates Simon, though it is obvious that sixteen-year-old Simon really likes her. What will happen next on The Island of Lote?

About the Author:  From her earliest memories, 21-year-old Emily Kinney has wanted to be a writer.  She lives in Maine. “This book is just the first of many to come, rest assured.”

Author page on Amazon: